The compass of the Quraan
The discovery of a new miracle giving a very accurate figure for Qibla

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah Who has subjected the modern science to service Islam. As researchers dwell deeper in their studies to understand the secrets of the universe we find a verse in the Book of Allah that summarizes the results of their research which only serves to strengthen our belief that logic and science are not mutually exclusive with the Holy Quran.

And it is not the fault of Islam that most of the scientific research is done by non Muslims, it is rather the fault of Muslims who do not study the Quran deep enough.

And perhaps it is the wisdom of Allah Almighty to reveal these miracles in the holy book in stages of time to allow successive generations to renew their faith, each according to their interests and abilities to understand and absorb.

As it had been declared long time ago that the wonders of the Quran will never end, we will present here another of these wonders; it is an astonishing miracle.

We will see how the Quran specifies the qibla or direction for prayers from Almaddinah where prophet Mohamed ( peace be upon him ) was present to Makkah in a very simple and logical presentation that can be verified graphically and mathematically.

The verse numbers of the longest sura in the Quran sura 2 Albagara ( the cow) can portray a compass that gives the direction of qibla accurate to the third decimal digit.

It was impossible for the prophet Mohamed to reach this level of scientific knowledge at that time and neither it is for any of his peers.

Therefore we can only deduce that such knowledge was only available to the most knowledgeable; the creator of this universe.

We start by determining the GPS coordinates of Almaddinah and Makkah.
And then we will calculate the bearing or azimuth using one of the readily available websites that offer this service such as

The coordinates can be obtained from some of the map presentation programs like Google Earth.

Makkah coordinates are: 21 25 21 N 39 49 34 E
Almaddinah Nabawi mosque: 24 28 3 N 39 36 35 E
Almaddinah Giblatain mosque: 24:29:02 N 39 34 23 E

To verify these coordinates Google Earth offers a fly-to feature by entering any one of these pairs in the search bar of the program an arial image of that place is displayed.

The Arabic version of this article contains further discussions regarding the accuracy of Google Earth GPS coordinates.

Now by entering the coordinates for Makkah with the coordinates of one of the Almaddinah mosques we can accurately calculate the qibla.

The qibla for the mosque of prophet Mohamed in Almaddinah 176.21

The qibla for the Giblatain Mosque in Almaddinah 175.59

These azimuth values are generally displayed on a compass circle that is subdivided into 360 degrees increasing in the clockwise direction.

So far so good and there is nothing new until we draw an alternative compass that we can aptly call the compass of the Quraan.
But before that we have to remember few things about the Quran.
As we know there are several versions of the Quran that exhibit slight differences among them.
The most famous of these versions is Hafs and Warsh. Galoon is another version but for our discussion it is the same as Warsh.
One of the noticeable differences between Warsh an Hafs is the number of verses in sura Albagara which has to do with where in the words of the Quran a mark or a divider for verse number is placed.
In Warsh there are 285 verses, while in Hafs there are 286 verses.
The reason for that is that Hafs considers the first three letters of the sura an independent verse.
While in Warsh the first three letters of sura Albagara are part of the next verse.
The reason for mentioning this piece of information is vital for our discussion because our compass is divided into a number of degrees equal to the number of verses in the sura.

So which version are we going to use ?
Both of them
And we shall prove that both of the two versions give impressive results.
A reminder here that the qibla is mentioned in the Quran only in a range of ten verses in sura 2 Albagara.

The verse numbers are from 141 to 150 according to Warsh, and from 142 to 151 according to Hafs version.

Once again the Arabic version of this article contains further information regarding this range of verses.

This compass is subdivided into a number of degrees equal to the number of verses in Sura 2 of the quraan
with the numbers increasing in the counter clockwise direction which is the direction of Tawaf around Kaaba.
The normal compass circle is on the inside while the compass of the Quran is on the outside

By looking at the compass of the Quran we can see graphically how the lines representing the range of verses 141 t0 150 draws a sector pointing to the direction of qibla. The English translation of the Quran fails in translating the Arabic word "shatr" meaning sector. The translation merely says "Turn your face towards . . . . " .While the correct translation should have been "sector-wise" instead of "towards".

In order to verify that this sector actually point towards qibla we have to make a conversion from the compass of the Quran to the normal compass.

Converting the number 141 using the Warsh version first:

141 / 285 = 0.49473 360 = 178.1028
But because the compasses have opposing direction we have to get the complementing angle.
360 - 178.1028 = 181.8972

And the same for the other angle 150.
150 / 285 = 0.52632 360 = 189.4752
360 - 189.4752 = 170.5248

Converting the number 142 using the Hafs version
142 / 286 = 0.49650 360 = 178.7413
360 - 178.7413 = 181.25874

151 / 286 = 0.52797 360 = 190.06993
360 - 190.06993 = 169.930

What we have done so far is defining the angles for this "sector" mentioned in the Quran.

So where is the real miracle here ?

How about if we calculate the median/middle angle in this sector.
Using the Warsh version:
181.8972 + 170.5248 = 352.422
352.422 / 2 = 176.211

Now isn't this number the same number we got from the website when we entered the GPS coordinates for Makkah and Almaddinah mosque ?

SOBHAN ALLAH ( glory be to Allah )

Now how could an illiterate man living in the seventh century have access to such knowledge ?
This is further proof that this holy book the Quran is from the Lord Allah himself.
And another interesting thing is that these secrets of the Quran are revealed to successive generations each according to their interests and abilities to understand and absorb.

As we are now utilizing these map programs on our computers and mobile phones with built in GPS units, we get an appropriate signal that such knowledge is secretly stored in the holy book.

Using the Hafs version:

169.9300 181.25874 = 351.18874
351.18874 / 2 = 175.59437

which is the same number obtained from website using the GPS coordinates for the Giblatain mosque.

Somehow it turned out that the Warsh version yields the qibla direction from prophet Mohamed mosque in Almaddinah, while the Hfs version yields the qibla direction from the Giblatain mosque

This is stunning !!

May I ask any body who enjoyed reading this to spread it.

May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you

Engineer Mohamed Khaled Alkeilani

Benghazi, Libya

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